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Academic Heights Public School for excellence has achieved a great success by enabling a strong career foundation. Which is situated at Jungle Dhoosar ,Gorakhpur. The School gives the students the best education and learning which enhance them to become the leaders of tomorrow and global citizens of India. It imparts an environment for the development of quality of leadership, team spirit, sportsmanship, self-esteem and other social attributes to children .
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CLASSADMISSION FEESCHOOL FEE1ST INST.With adm fee2ND INST By June 15th3RD INST By Sept. 15thPLAYGROUP20,000/-50,000/-40,000/-15,000/-15,000/-NURSERY20,000/-70,000/-40,000/-25,000/-25,000/-JR. KG20,000/-70,000/-40,000/-25,000/-25,000/-SR. KG20,000/-70,000/-55,000/-35,000/-

Admission ProcessThe admission procedure to Academic Heights Public School that follows CBSE syllabus is simple and straightforward.Follow the steps below:Parents are requested to fill in the Registration Form that can     be obtained from the school.The information from the above is used to see if the child       meets the admission criteriaParents are invited to fill out the Admission Form and all other   necessary documents, including Medical History form and         AcquaintanceForm in order to complete the admission process.The filled Admission Form is required to be submitted at the     respective Academic Heights center, where admission is required.Please ensure that the Required Documents (see the list below)   are brought to the school during admission.For all other queries, parents are requested to schedule a meeting with the school coordinator.

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4.71/ 5 stars

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Reputaion 4
Location 5
Administration 4
Co-curricular 5
School Staff 5
Academics 5
Facility 5
Academic Heights Public School
   School Address:
Jungle Dhoosar
GorakhpurUttar Pradesh,
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