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10 Tips To Follow While Choosing A School For Your Child

Choosing the right school for your kid is like strengthening the base of a building. And as there are many factors that you should take into account while doing the latter, the former also has some very important factors that need to be taken care of.

There is a big confusion among parents in deciding which of the schools around the block are best for their children and going ahead with the wrong choice, especially in the primary phase of their education, could be disastrous for their future.

So to make sure your kid gets the best, here are few tips you should follow while choosing a school for your kid:

1.  Teachers

Shaping up kids’ future in the best way possible, is largely in the hands of their teachers. So, pay a lot of attention on what kind of teachers the school has. They should be qualified, experienced, patient and supportive and must possess an ability to establish an easy connection with children.

2.  Education System

Choosing the education system is kind of a variable because it changes with the perception of guardians. Different boards have different styles of providing education. Each has advantages over the other.

But a system that knows how to adapt is undoubtedly the best, and education system is no different in this case. So the most suitable is the one which keeps updating itself according to the changing scenario and makes sure that children are getting everything in balance. In India, CBSE is generally the most preferred one.

3.  Digital Education

Digital education has become an integral part of the growing world and thus, relevant skills are required in every sector and not just IT. Its applications are omnipresent and thus, no matter which field your child decides to step into, these skills are vital. So, children need to be inculcated with digital skills, so that they can survive in any field. Presentations, e-textbooks, open source learning, wireless connections etc. are some of the crucial components of a digital classroom system.

4.  Previous Records

Some schools, despite having years of experience and a nice outlook, have a bad academic history. This is basically because some schools have made education a place for investment. So always make sure to gather information from relevant sources like internet, newspaper articles or just people, regarding the school’s performance history.

5.  Emphasis on Maths

Though few might disagree with this, most would agree that mathematics is very important in developing analytical approach in kids. And analytical approach is a much needed factor in any field. Maths is all about calculations and it is needed in our day to day life. We can even say Maths is like a brain exercise. So, a school must emphasize on teaching Maths in an interactive and practical way.

6.  Importance to grades

Grades are not everything. They don’t completely decide a child’s future. What matters is if they have learned the basics or not. Some children, out of nervousness, are unable to perform in tests and there are numerous other reasons why they fail to scores good grades.

Choosing a school that focuses less on grade and more on effective learning, doesn’t only makes children gain more confidence, but also, in a way, educates them on a practical note.

7.  Extracurricular Activities

One must be joking if they say extracurricular activities are less important than academics. This is not 60s and we are no-more in the era of ‘Books only’. Extracurricular activities give children, that unique confidence of standing out among others. And thus, while making a choice, take a look at the extracurricular activity chart and relevant facilities the school offers.

8.  Library

A library with a huge collection of books on every subject is very helpful for the kids who want to go an extra mile to quench their thirst for knowledge. Some kids are avid readers and this can prove to be a noteworthy asset in the later phase. Always take a look the size of the library before making the big decision. It could be the size of your child’s dream.

9.  Cleanliness Of The School

There’s no point of sending your kid to an institution which cannot clean its mess. Apart from that, a shabby atmosphere is never a perspicacious one. No matter how good the school is, if it doesn’t satisfy this parameter, slash it off the list.

10.  Involvement of Parents

Involving parents in children’s education not only keeps them informed about their child’s progress, but also helps children in establishing a good understanding with their parents. Experienced teachers understand almost all types of kids. They can help parents develop methods of effective communication with their kids, which not even the parents might know of.

Your kid depends on you. While choosing a school always keep in mind, the needs of your child. You might not know that now, but with the right kind of nurturing, your kid can do wonders. And it’s all in your hand because:


 “Parents are Child’s first teacher”.

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