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6 Hobbies That Make Your Kid Smarter


Hobbies are a great way for one to polish their skills. Especially for kids, it is a real-time activity to keep their brains engaged with a touch of interest. It is advised to encourage children to practice at least one or more hobbies to include a sense of uniqueness in their character, which in turn boosts their confidence.


“Hobby is not just an activity. You keep on learning and it becomes a way of life.”


There are many hobbies out there but there are few which can make your kids smarter than ever.

Check out it these 6 hotshot hobbies for your kids:


Let’s say “I met a person who paints”. Or maybe we can say “I met a painter.” The word “Painter” is none other than an idea that has been brought up to express in a better way. And these summed up ideas are none other than “Vocabulary”.

When kids read, not only they shape up their comprehension ability by sensibly connecting links between sentences, they are also piling up loads of ideas in their database as well.

 Puzzle Solving

Just like you want your kid to be physically healthy; their brain requires some exercise as well. And the best time for them to have a brain exercise is when it is relaxed and receptive. So encourage your kids to have puzzle-solving sessions in their leisure time.

Puzzles like Sudoku, Guess the next number etc. are a great way for them to learn mathematics, while having fun at the same time. And we know how for most kids Maths and Fun are like North and South poles.


Writing chisels up the ability of a person to feel their thoughts, organize them strategically and write down in an order, which takes a lot of effort. Apart from that, writing is the best way for kids to improve their linguistics. Maintaining a diary is the most engaging way to keep up with this hobby in a chronological order.


The fact that sports is probably the best hobby, needs no explanation. It is believed that the healthiest of bodies house the healthiest of minds. Make your kids develop a habit of regular sports. Not only they keep your kids alert and reflexive, they develop qualities like leadership and interactivity.

Item Collection

It’s no wonder that this is the most popular hobby among people of any age group when we search for hobbies on Google. The reason for that is that it infuses a sense of ownership in the collector, for the simple reason that you take utmost care of what you own. So if you want your kids to learn respecting the value of things like their own, you know what to do.


Kids don’t usually understand the broader definition of art. And we should let them find it out on their own. Because art is all about exploring.

For example – When a someone paints, they explore various possibilities with patterns, color mixing, strokes and many more. When they take a photograph, they explore the possibilities of different ways of looking at the same picture. This builds up their creativity which is most needed for innovation. And innovation is, in turn, needed for a better future. So encourage your kids to explore the canvas of art, for a better tomorrow.

Hobby is a great way for one to express their talent. And it’s very important for a person to be expressive to succeed in life because if he doesn’t, no matter how talented he is, no-one would ever know. So go and start encouraging your kids from today itself. Because each day counts.. . .

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