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Online Learning – The Future of Education

What is Online Learning


Education, in its purest form, means the exchange of knowledge. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from a book or a classroom session. And with the consistent developments in technology, the education scenario is rapidly changing for good. Online learning is one such concept that has emerged from this change. With communication barriers going down with the help of technologies like Conference call, Video call, Online classroom etc.; education is truly meeting its designation as ‘everyone’s prerogative‘.

Online learning is a rather inexpensive and informal way of imparting education among the masses through the use of technology. It involves teaching through face-to-face interaction, video calls, online study material and similar ways. Also, without the need of attending campus classroom sessions, it is an international, official way of attaining a recognized qualification. Billions of people have enrolled with Online learning classes across the globe. The institutions providing online learning facilities have nominal fees and a flexible way of teaching. However, it is important to check whether it meets the standards of formal education, usually marked by its accreditation by a board.

Though this is only the formal definition of Online learning. On a much wider note, Online leaning is everything that one can learn through the use of a computer, usually aided with a working internet connection. Even searching for information through Google, learning through subject based videos on YouTube is also a part of it.

How it has Immense Scope of Expansion

A child sitting in Africa can take up lessons through a Digital classroom from a qualified teacher in America. We’re pretty sure if there was a way we wanted the world to change, it’s this one. To put it another way, distance and quality education isn’t a problem here.

While guaranteeing education from a credible and qualified source, it ensures a universal reach with a suitable fee structure. The certificates provided by completion of these learning programs are genuine and have helped billions in getting employed.

For example – Millions of children have enrolled with a leading Online learning option in America known as ‘K-12’, which emerged as an innovative concept to address parental concern around the world. It is considered a way different learning option compared to traditional classrooms. There are many other options on the internet which offer such learning programs.

For college students and even adults, there are online courses provided by websites like edX, Coursera and many more, which provide lessons for free or minimal fee, of the user’s choice. These courses help you learn quickly as they teach you from a layman point of view. You can quickly learn the basics with the excellent presentations, videos and other multimedia tools used in teaching by these learning portals. Hundreds of individuals have taken up these courses to meet the requirements of their jobs, fetching them better growth opportunities.

Another huge advantage of Online learning is that doesn’t have to do with what stream of education you belong to. You can learn whatever interests you or is better for your growth. For example – The most common thing people learn through Online learning these days is Computer Languages like HTML, JavaScript, php etc. as it is hugely in demand today and no-one minds an extra income on the side.

Promotion of Online learning is what the world needs to bring about a change. The tremendous amount of positive response it has received around the world is incredible. Apart from being an innovative way of learning, it is a learning experience with no strings attached, which is great in boosting an individual’s interest in the learning process. And with a self controlled pace of learning that helps one cling to their own comfort level, it is without doubt what the coming generations would be routing for, in the near future.


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