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Top 8 Learning Games For Kids



Learning is a continuous process in one’s life. In case of kids, it starts from the beginning of the primary phase and goes a long way. And the subjects that they know or want to know the most about, are called ‘Interests’.

Developing an interest is the most important factor in the learning process, and it can be successfully developed in children with the help of “Learning games”.

In addition, while most parents feel that academic qualities can only be imbibed through books, the truth is that learning games are more successful at delivering skills like Creativity, Cognitive thinking, Relativity , Interactivity etc.

There are many games that can supplement these skills, but we have shortlisted the best few:


“Abacus needs no introduction, period”. That’s because it’s most probably the way how the human race learned to count.

Most kids find it problematic to relate to Mathematics in real life. And that’s where the problem starts, because they can’t see the physical significance of it. So, a simple device “Abacus” was devised for basic calculating. It consists of rows along which beads are slid. It’s very effective in teaching children the physical form of mathematics and is recommended by experts.


Sudoku, which originated in Japan, is a number puzzle. A basic (3 X 3) block Sudoku is recommended for kids to help them sharpen their mathematical skills. In this puzzle, missing numbers are fed, to get the same result on addition, horizontally or vertically.


One of the most popular around the globe, LEGO is a block game most of us know about and probably played it too while being raised.

The game consists of inter-locking blocks of different colors which can be put together to form different shapes like Houses, Trains, Buses etc. It gained wide popularity among kids due to its typical “Free-style” construction, that lets the player make different structures, using their creativity.


Scrabble has been known to improve the vocabulary. As it may contain 2 or more players, it includes a lot of vocabulary exchange. It can be played by children of any age group as words of any difficulty level can be used in the game. Children can learn many new words from each other while playing this game.

Match The Dots

Matching the dots is the simplest type of game that children prefer. It involves matching the given numbered dots in serial order to reveal the hidden picture. This game is beneficial for the kids in two ways. First, it sub-consciously keeps on strengthening the counting ability of children as they keep going through the numbers placed in serial order. Second, it also gives a sense of making strokes, hence implanting a basic sense of sketching, which is useful, later on, in making diagrams and drawings.

SIMSAM Educational Rhymes and Learning games

SIMSAM, a business solutions provider, has recently earned a good name in the market with its wide range of learning apps for kids. At Google Play Store, you can easily find an endless number of apps created by SIMSAM, which has devised new unexplored, innovative ways of helping kids to learn through smartphones apps. These apps have been designed including all the important constituent factors of a perfect learning app; keeping in mind, the all-round brain development of kids.


We believe that Monopoly is the one of the best board games that teaches kids about the real life, at an early age. And to make sure that the children don’t get too serious about it and just receive a gist of it, it has a funny side too. Understanding the rules and regulations of this game, for a kid, is no lesser than a student learning management. It imparts a sense of personal finance; a radical aspect which, learned at early stages, proves to be a boon forever.

Four In A Row

“Four in a row” is a 2-player game which is incredibly popular among kids. The objective is simple: Place 4 marbles in a row or column before your opponent does. The game is good enough to sharpen the kids’ mathematical skills and foresightedness. Foresightedness – because the player has to anticipate his, as well as, the opponent’s moves well in advance and act accordingly.


Starting with a well-defined base, in any process, is the best way to proceed, and raising children is no different. Instead of forcing them to learn new things, teaching through interactive gaming is a better way. It gives children a sense of liberty while they explore their interests.

So encourage your kids to learn through games and feel the difference in their level of enthusiasm for learning, from the first day itself.

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