Delhi Public School (DPS)

Delhi Public School (DPS)

 NH. 5, Road Nidamanuru, Kothapet


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Delhi Public School (DPS) for excellence has achieved a great success by enabling a strong career foundation. Which is situated at NH. 5, Road Nidamanuru, Kothapet,Vijayawada-520001. It provides the best infrastructure and facilities, fulfilling requirements of children. They get practical knowledge along with academic curriculum. It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides.
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UKG170008000111750I3725022890I7630100005000138750I6425035890I20630II37250II7630II37250II7630III37250III7630III37250III7630     111750  22890    138750  35890   Note:0%Discount on Tution Fees, If paid One time138750  35890  I & II170008000114000I3800024030I8010120005000143000I6700037030I21010II38000II8010II38000II8010III38000III8010III38000III8010     114000  24030    143000  37030   Note:0%Discount on Tution Fees, If paid One time143000  37030  III TO V170008000126750I4225027660I9220150005000158750I7425040660I22220II42250II9220II42250II9220III42250III9220III42250III9220     126750  27660    158750  40660   Note:0%Discount on Tution Fees, If paid One time158750  40660  VI TO  VIII1700010000137700I4590029100I9700180006000172700I8090045100I25700II45900II9700II45900II9700III45900III9700III45900III9700     137700  29100    172700  45100   Note:0%Discount on Tution Fees, If paid One time172700  45100  IX & X1700010000144900I4830031980I10660180006000179900I8330047980I26660II48300II10660II48300II10660III48300III10660III48300III10660     144900  31980    179900  47980   Note:0%Discount on Tution Fees, If paid One time179900  47980  XI & XII1700012000150900I5030033270I11090200006000187900I8730051270I29090II50300II11090II50300II11090III50300III11090III50300III11090     150900  33270    187900  51270   Note:0%Discount on Tution Fees, If paid One time187900  51270 

 Admission Procedure Admission Counseling can be obtained in person, over the phone or through the mail.Application Form along with School’s Profile, Syllabus for Screening Assessment and the other details should be obtained in person only, from School’s Office.The Child should undergo a Screening Assessment (for classes I to X) and interactive session to assess gross and fine motor skills for Nursery and Preparatory.Note: The Application Form is not transferable and only the form, issued by the school, should be used for the Admission of your child. 

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Delhi Public School (DPS)
   School Address:
NH. 5, Road Nidamanuru, Kothapet
VijayawadaAndhra Pradesh, 520001
   Phone No.:
(0866) 2844844, 2844944 , 9866205555
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