Disneyland High School

Disneyland High School

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Disneyland High School one of the best school. Which is situated at Rajgarh Road,Guwahati. It provides the best infrastructure and facilities, fulfilling requirements of children. They get practical knowledge along with academic curriculum. It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides.
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Fee Structure: Nandha Central School (CBSE) CLASSMonthly FeesYear FeesNursery10000K.G.I105016000K.G.II105016000I110018200II110018200III110018200IV110018200V115019700VI120020400VII120020500VIII135022000IX135022500X135022500XI145024400XII145024400

AdmissionsDisneyland High School admits all students– irrespective of nationality, color, gender, religion, caste, creed or ability levels – as long as they fulfill all the other admission criteria.Admission to Nursery will be through Observation / Interaction. Observation / Interaction would be held on the same day. Once a child and parent decide to join the school an application needs to be filled up giving all the particulars of previous education.At the time of registration, the following documents are to be submitted to the Administrative Office:1. Duly filled and signed Registration Forms.2. 2 passport size colour photographs of the child.3. Proof of Date of Birth (Issued by Municipal Corporation or any authorized competent authority).4. Submit the Transfer Certificate.5. Photocopy of the previosu school final exam report card for class I to IX.At the time of reporting to the school for the first time, parents are required to carry the Confirmation Letter or Admission receipt with them.Age Criteria:Age required for admission is looked at more closely in the pre-primary years, in the primary years the previous class studied and fitment is given more importance.In the pre-primary broadly the age required for Nursery is between 2.5 and 3.5 years in June and for LKG it is between 3.5 and 4.5 years and for UKG it is between 4.5 and 5.5 years.For class 1 a child need to be about 5.5 years. For example for admissions for June 2011 a child born in calendar year 2008 will be admitted to Nursery, a child born in calendar year 2007 to LKG and a child born in the calendar year 2006 to UKG.Payment Modes:The annual components of the fee can be paid in any of the following three modes1. Annual: All amount paid up front, for example for academic year 2011-12 it has to be paid in April 2011 and will get concession.2. Quarterly: In three parts, for ex for academic year 2011-12 it has to be paid in June 2011, Oct 2011 and Jan 2011.3. Monthly: In 12 equal monthly payments including 2 term fees.Fee HikeWe are committed to run the schools with very high ethical standards and intend to revise the fee very nominally only to offset inflation. As and when a credible inflation index comes into place we will just index our fee to that and increase only to that extent. There will be no sharp increase in fee that causes immense hardship to parent’s budgets. As a philosophy DHS tries to take the guess work away and create a very transparent and fair process for collection, review and administration of fee. Also DHS would like to keep the fee as low as possible, not compromising on the quality of education and infrastructure provided.

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Disneyland High School
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Rajgarh Road
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(0361) 2564262 ,
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