Haridas Seminary Inter College

Haridas Seminary Inter College

 Gaya College Road


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Haridas Seminary Inter College for excellence has achieved a great success by enabling a strong career foundation. Which is situated at Gaya College Road ,Gaya. Students can get a good educational exposure along with development of innovative skills.It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides. It provides a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary technical education. This school gives weightage to other activities which is a vital for a successful career life.
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Fee StructureAnnual Admission Fee of 2017-2018CourseGeneralOBCSCSTMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleMaleFemaleB.A.3032283230322832103103103103B.A. Practical3532333235323332103103103103B.Com.3032283230322832103103103103B.Com. Computer7232703272327032103103103103M.A.3232293232322932103103103103M.A. Practical3732343237323432103103103103M.Com.3232293232322932103103103103B.L.I.Sc.3182298231822982103103103103M.L.I.Sc.4232393242323932103103103103All Fee deposit in Rs.Fee Deposit MediumDemand Draft Deposit fee Counter favor of Principal, MLB Govt. College of Excellence, Gwalior by Gen & OBC StudentsCash Deposite Rs. 103 in Fee Counter by SC & ST Students

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Haridas Seminary Inter College
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Gaya College Road
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