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Kannasa Mission School is most prominant school. Which is situated at Peyad ,Thiruvananthapuram. Students can get a good educational exposure along with development of innovative skills.It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides. It provides a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary technical education. This school gives weightage to other activities which is a vital for a successful career life.
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TypeNurseryKG-IKG-IITuition Fee600800800Educomp & Magnus Edu. Software09595Total600895895  Annual Fees Structure 2017-18TypeNurseryKG-IKG-IIActivity Fees580580580Maintenance Fees550550550Examination Fees250250250Library Fees 190190School Bulletin Fees150150150ID Card Fee707070Teachers' Day120120120Infrastructure Development Fee00600Total172019102510 Monthly Fees Structure 2017-18TypeClass I-IVV-VIIVIIIIX & XTuition Fee1050113011301240Computer Fee100100100100Educomp & Magnus Edu. Software100100100100Total1250133013301440  Annual Fees Structure 2017-18TypeClass I-IVV-VIIVIIIIX & XActivity Fees600600600600Maintenance Fees600600600600Examination including Olympiads Summative, PSA, Mocks, OTBA450550580750Library Fees230230230230School Bulletin.150150150150Teachers' Day120120120120ID Card Fee70707070Co-Scholastic Activities150150150150Infrastructure Development Fee600600600600Lab Fees (Class VIII, IX and X)008001200Total2970307039004470 CLASS-XI : Monthly Fees Structure 2017-18TypeScience Opt1Science Opt2Commerce Opt1Commerce Opt2ArtsTuition Fee14001400140014001400Computer Fee120....120........Educomp and Magnus Edu. Software100100100100100Total16201500162015001500 CLASS-XII : Monthly Fees Structure 2017-18TypeScience Opt1Science Opt2Commerce Opt1Commerce Opt2ArtsTuition Fee16001600160016001600Computer Fee120....120........Educomp and Magnus Edu. Software100100100100100Total18201700182017001700 CLASS-XII : Annual Fees Structure 2017-18TypeScience Opt1Science Opt2Commerce Opt1Commerce Opt2ArtsActivity Fees600600600600600Maintenance Fees600600600600600Exam fees(Including Olympiad)750750750750750Library fees300300300300300School Bulletin fees150150150150150ID Card fees7070707070Teachers' Day120120120120120Lab Fees25003750000Infrastructural Development Fees600600600600600Total56906940319031903190 

Admission is left entirely to the discretion of the Principal. Parents seeking admission for their child/children, must forward to the Principal an application form correctly filled in and signed by the Parent or Guardian, together with a copy of the Birth Certificate and Transfer Certificate from the School last attended. If seats are available admissions are made on merit after an Entrance Test.The selected candidates can have the application form, from the Principal’s Office.Pupils desirous of seeking admission into class XI (I.S.C. course ) will have to take fresh admission after the completion of Class X. Admissions are made on merit basis subject to the number of seats available.

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Kannasa Mission School
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