Makhjan English Med School

Makhjan English Med School

 Makhjan, Sangmeshwar

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Makhjan English Med School is most prominant school. Which is situated at Makhjan, Sangmeshwar ,Ratnagiri. It caters to the long awaited needs of the student community for a wholesome education and emphasizes non-academic activities. Its roots are embedded in Indian culture and ethos.It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It provides a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary technical education. This school gives weightage to other activities which is a vital for a successful career life.
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GRADETOTAL FEES1st Installment01-SEP-20172nd Installment01-NOV-173rd Installment01-FEB-184th Installment01-APR-18KG1121003220333033302220KG2126503490343534352290G 1137504190358535852390G 2137504190358535852390G 3148504410391539152610G 4149604520391539152610G 5159504790418541852790G 6165004980432043202880G 7176005200465046503100818150531048154815321091870054204980498033201019250505053255325355010 NEW197505550532553253550112145062105715571538101223100582064806480432012 NEW236006320648064804320Transport Fees varies depending on the pick-up location distance

ADMISSION PROCESSGLOBAL ENGLISH SCHOOL - UAE > ADMISSION PROCESSSuccessful candidates are admitted with the completely filled in Admission form and documents required as per the guidelines of the ADEC / Ministry of Education. Parents are required to remit the first instalment of fees at the time of admission. Once paid, the fee collected is not refunded in any circumstance unless otherwise decided by the management on merit of reason for such cancellation.Admission in between the academic year is generally not entertained. However, transfer cases from other countries are admitted subject to availability of seats with the prior consent of the ADEC / Ministry of Education.New admissions are asked to sit a baseline assessment on a given date in May/June. This information will be used to inform the teaching staff about the most appropriate provision for each student. When students’ numbers are confirmed, as a result of the flux of an expatriate community, places will be offered to students where seats are available.

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Makhjan English Med School
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Makhjan, Sangmeshwar
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