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Mother Pride Public School

 Chanayak Puri

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Mother Pride Public School one of the best school. Which is situated at Chanayak Puri ,Gaya. It provides the best infrastructure and facilities, fulfilling requirements of children. They get practical knowledge along with academic curriculum. It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides.
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S.No.SCHEDULE OF FEESTODD/NURLKG/UKGStd. I to IIIStd. IV to VStd. VI to X    With BusWith VanWith BusWith VanWith BusWith Van1Admission Fee(One time)8508508508508508508508502Caution Money (Refundable)700070007000700070007000700070003Annual Fee(A)550065006500650065006500650065004Activity Fee(A)200020002000200020002000200020005Meal Charges (A)36003600------6Science Fee (A)------5505507Tuition Fee132015401540154015401540154015408Bus Fee9009009001000900100090010009IT FEE--100100100100100100  2117022390188901899018890189901944019540

ADMISSIONS DETAILS AT MOTHER'S PRIDE SCHOOLTWO YEARS IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOUR CHILD TO JOIN THE SCHOOL. MOST EXPERTS CALL YOUR CHILD'S SECOND YEAR, 'THE MIRACLE YEAR'.As parents, often we do not realize that for a child, even climbing the sofa or imitating mummy in the kitchen is a part of the learning process. This is because we think that our children are completely na├»ve and dependent on us. And therefore, we deprive him or her of the right environment and exposure at the right time. WHEN?We encourage children to start their journey of learning at the age of two. Each child should get the exposure, opportunities to explore, run around and enjoy childhood, and develop an interest in learning so that he/she can blossom.WHY?We at Mother's Pride wish to preserve the excitement and wonder of childhood and make children experience the joy of learning. We believe in being both child-friendly and education-friendly, and in creating life-long learners. The campus of any Mother's Pride school is nothing short of a castle of joy. Airy and spacious, its fairyland- like structure houses imaginative play centres and activity rooms designed to give your child a fun-filled learning experience.Some of the USPs of Mother's Pride:EDUCATION FOR LIFEFACILITIESCURRICULUM: Our team of curriculum developers, who develop a curriculum that gives opportunities to teachers to execute innovative ideas and ensure effective teaching keeping in mind the overall development of the children.FACULTY: A work force of 2500 highly professional teachers, along with 200 Quality Managers, Academic Heads and Administrators are working towards providing little children the best of education and facilities.ACTIVITY CENTERS:Computer GalaxyCreativity CentreScience CornerProjector RoomDoll HouseSkating roundSplash PoolBall PoolIntellectual Development Room, etc.TEACHING LEARNING MATERIAL EVENTS AND CELEBRATIONSSPECIAL VISITSSTAGE EXPOSUREHOW?ADMISSION PROCESSThe parents may visit our nearest branch and meet the counsellors to fill up an admission form.They may even take a school round and understand how little toddlers are nurtured beautifully with love and care.SPECIAL BENEFITSCertain privileges are offered on the fee available across branches in the following categories:APEX START: By registering your child between 0-1 years of age & joining at 2, you get to save Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1350/- on the monthly fee. Not only this, any time-related inflation or increase in the fee will not affect you at all.Upon registration, the child and parents become members of the Mother's Pride family and are thereafter invited for all the events and orientations related to parenting and importance of Pre-School education, even before their child actually joins the school. FLEXI TIME EDGE: We at Mother's Pride give special fee waiver up to 50% for availing afternoon timings, i.e. 2-5 pm. Flexi Time Edge allows you to initiate your child into the schooling process without putting the pressure of the morning rush on him. It also gives you an opportunity to give your child the best environment, the best facilities, the best education at a time and price convenient to you.CORPORATE DISCOUNT: We offer a discount of up to 40% on monthly fee to parents who seek admission of their child in the school through the corporate channel.                      SIBLING:All real siblings enjoy a special privilege on the regular fee structure.NOBLE PROFESSION: Teachers, doctors & defence personnel are honoured with a special discount in this category.MOTHER'S PRIDE REGISTRATION SCHEME: Kindly contact our counsellors to know more about the Subsidized Education Programme at a very nominal fee available across branches.

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Mother Pride Public School
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