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APJ school

 Mundi Kharar .Mohali


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APJ school for excellence has achieved a great success by enabling a strong career foundation. Which is situated at Mundi Kharar .Mohali ,Chandigarh. It caters to the long awaited needs of the student community for a wholesome education and emphasizes non-academic activities. Its roots are embedded in Indian culture and ethos.It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It provides a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary technical education. This school gives weightage to other activities which is a vital for a successful career life.
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LKG Fees: 5150.00 Rs.UKG Fees: 5150.00 Rs.1st Standard Fees: 5600.00 Rs.2nd Standard Fees: 5600.00 Rs.3rd Standard Fees: 5600.00 Rs.4th Standard Fees: 5600.00 Rs.5th Standard Fees: 5600.00 Rs.

Admission ProceduresThe entry point to the school is Lower Kindergarten, to which children aged 3 + are admitted. Admission procedure includes group discussions with parents and activities with children. The School is affiliated to CBSE board. For admission queries parents are required to contact the school office in the month of October. Admission to other classes excepting Class I depend on the vacancy existing in the respective class. The procedure involves admission test, followed by group interview before the candidate is selected for admission. A Municipal Birth Certificate and a Transfer Certificate from the previous school is mandatory, along with a report card showing clear promotion to the class in which admission is being sought. For admission enquiries to these classes parents are required to contact school office in the last week of February. Admission procedure to class XI commences in the 2nd week of February.Students are admitted on the basis of their academic performance in classes IX ( final ) & X ( SA1 for CBSE students and Selections for other boards) along with an aptitude test to decide the stream to which admission can be granted.

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APJ school
   School Address:
Mundi Kharar .Mohali
   Phone No.:
9814428589 9814428589
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