Shree J M Chaudhari Sarvajanik Kanya Vidyalaya

Shree J M Chaudhari Sarvajanik Kanya Vidyalaya

 Near S T Depo, Sector 7,

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Shree J M Chaudhari Sarvajanik Kanya Vidyalaya one of the best school. Which is situated at Near S T Depo, Sector 7, ,Gandhinagar. Students can get a good educational exposure along with development of innovative skills.It has created a new crop of talented young professionals every year. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides. It provides a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary technical education. This school gives weightage to other activities which is a vital for a successful career life.
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 Fee Structure 2017 – 2018ParticularsKG Sec I To VVI to VIIIIX & XXI & XIIRegd. Fee & Prospectus Charges (Once)50060090010001000Admission Fee (Once)5003500350050005000R. Security Money (Once)10005000500050005000Annual Charges (PA)10001800180018001800Tuition Fee (P.M.)6001800215024002700Pupil Fund (P.M.)200200200200200Computer Fee (P.M.)NA200200200200Science Fee (P.M.)NANANA200NASmart Class Development Fee (P.M.)NA100100100100Laboratory Fee (P.M.) ChemistryNANANANA200Laboratory Fee (P.M.) PhysicsNANANANA200Laboratory Fee (P.M.) BiologyNANANANA200Hostel Charges (P.A.)N.A.75000800008500095000

હે પરમેશ્વર મારા દરેક બાળકને એવું મજબુત બનાવજે કે જીવનની ગમે તેવી કટોકટીમાંથી તે માર્ગ કાઢી શકે. તેનામાં જીવનના શ્રેષ્ઠ મૂલ્યો સત્ય, પ્રેમ, દયા, સાહસ, બુધ્ધિ કર્મનિષ્ઠા કુનેહ, મહેનત ઠાસી ઠાસીને ભરી દેજે. મારી આ શાળા મારા માટે મંદિર છે અને મારા બાળકો દેવો છે. અમે સર્વ ગુરૂજનો જ્ઞાન પુષ્પો તેને ચડાવીએ છીએ. " શાળા અમારી તીર્થભૂમિ જ્ઞાનગંગા જ્યાં વહે શાળા અમારી રાજધાની શારદા રાણી તણી"

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Shree J M Chaudhari Sarvajanik Kanya Vidyalaya
   School Address:
Near S T Depo, Sector 7,
GandhinagarGujarat, 382007
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