Siyom Valley School

Siyom Valley School

 Siyom Valley School , Pessing, PO/ PS Aalo, West Saing

 West Siang,

Fee Structure – New AdmissionNursery /KG-I/KG-IIForm + Prosp. fee – Rs. 300/-Admission fee – Rs. 5500/-Monthly fee – Rs. 700/-TOTAL – Rs. 6500/-Class I to VForm + Prosp. fee – Rs. 400/-Admission fee – Rs. 6500/-Monthly fee – Rs. 800/-TOTAL – Rs. 7700/-Class VI to VIIIForm + Prosp. fee – Rs. 400/-Admission fee – Rs. 7000/-Monthly fee – Rs. 900/-TOTAL – Rs. 8300/-Class IX to XForm + Prosp. fee – Rs. 400/-Admission fee – Rs. 8000/-Monthly fee (IX)- Rs. 1200/-Monthly fee (X)- Rs. 1300/-TOTAL (IX)- Rs. 9,600/- TOTAL(X) – Rs. 9,700/Class XI to XIIForm + Prosp. fee – Rs. 400/-Admission fee – Rs. 11,000/-Monthly fee – Rs. 1500/-TOTAL – Rs. 12,900/-As per AMKSS and management rules :Concession for two students : Rs. 150/-Cocession for three students : Rs. 200/-Child who lost father Rs. 100/- Monthly50%  Concession is given to the Topper

Schedule appointment with admissions office of the School.Get registration form either from School office or from School website.Fill up registration form and submit with necessary documents to admission office.Eligibility:For Nursery admissions, the age limit is at least 2 years and 6 months as on May 31st .For class I, the age limit is 5 years and 6 months as on May 31st.Required Documents:Completed registration formSelf attested Copy of birth certificateTransfer certificate, mark sheet of the last exam.Passport size photograph

  Description :
Siyom Valley School is most prominant school. Which is situated at Pessing, AALO P.O.,P.B No-25 ,West Siang. It believes that education is source of developing society. It shapes students personality by inculcating values and knowledge. The school has maintained steady progress since beginning in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. It has narrowed the gap between teachers and students and enables that ideas flow from both sides. It provides a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary technical education. This school gives weightage to other activities which is a vital for a successful career life.
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